Spatial Sound Installation (2015)

Sounding River Mur is an immersive spatial sound installation created for the exhibition "The Mur: A Cultural History" at the Universalmuseum Joanneum in Graz. Based on studies of the sound environment along the river, its surface, under water, at bridges, border crossings and power stations, an expansive work was created that transported the sound of the river Mur into the exhibition spaces.

Museum im Palais / Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz
Kuratiert von Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen
Laufzeit: 28.08.2015-17.07.2016
Eröffnung: 27.08.2015, 19 Uhr

Exhibition catalogue:
Die Mur. Eine Kulturgeschichte, Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen (Hg.), Katalog Universalmuseum Joanneum 2015.

installation view: Sounding River Mur, Bettina Habsburg-Lothringen and Moritz Fehr, Photo: Universalmuseum Joanneun, Graz, 2015
Sounding River Mur, Installation drawing, 2015
Sounding River Mur, Field Research, 2015