Site-specific Soundinstallation (2023)

Moritz Fehr has developed a site-specific sound installation entitled Responsorium, for which he noted transcriptions of birdsongs heard on the grounds of the Sophien-Friedhof II in Berlin-Mitte. He improvised based on these recordings on the approximately 100-year-old Mannborg harmonium of the chapel on site, which is otherwise only played during funeral services. Fehr made several recordings of his improvisations, which were then used to create the installation for the Guard House of the cementery. As a tribute to Athanasius Kircher, who noted the song of a nightingale in his 1650 writing Musurgia universalis, Fehr included this transcription in his improvisations.

At the cemetery, Responsorium was presented together with a photography by Leonie Kircher, who explored the habitat of the birds on the grounds of the Sophien II cemetery.

Created with support by a NEUSTARTplus grant from the Stiftung Kunstfonds / NEUSTART KULTUR of the BKM. Curated by Alexis Hyman Wolff.