Stereoscopic Video- and Soundinstallation (2013)

Mojave (A Person Was Here) is an experimental filmic and sonic exploration of the Mojave Desert, the “Hinterland” of the city of Los Angeles. It is composed of solely documentary material, connecting stereoscopic 3D-images with spatially rendered sounds and noises from the natural and cultural landscape.

From 2014 - 2017, Mojave (A Person Was Here) was for two years installed inside the so called Isolation Chamber on the grounds of the Desert Research Research Station, an exhibition facility in Hinkley, California, operated by the Center for Land Use Interpretation, Los Angeles.

Mojave (A Person Was Here), Film still, 2014
Mojave (A Person Was Here), Film stills, 2014
Mojave (A Person Was Here), Installation view, Isolation Chamber, CLUI, 2014
Isolation Chamber, CLUI, 2014