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Collaboration with Clemens von Wedemeyer

For the exhibition Every Word You Say by Clemens von Wedemeyer at Kunstverein Braunschweig, I collaborated creating several sound pieces. "An audio parcours through the building that explores the voice as an acoustic phenomenon as well as the constitutive characteristics of the human speaking apparatus. Interactive acoustic pieces make the permeation of architecture and history tangible and simultaneously negotiate the future of language as a means of communications and as an identificational factor. Historical audio documents and installations featuring computer-based sound syntheses developed especially for the exhibition will be presented alongside each other, sketching out a non-linear history in the blend of fact and fiction. The sound—generated by speech and noises—constructs a filmic space and forgoes traditional images." (Text by Clemens von Wedemeyer)

More information and photos (Mousse Magazine)

Radio feature broadcastes on Deutschlandfunk (19 June 2015)

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