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Four-channel composition for a sound installation in public space

The multichannel composition Overhead consists of five sound spaces recorded during a desert road trip. Each scene is a location recording that has been infused with technically amplified (and otherwise inaudible) sound of infrastructure present in place, for example power lines, barbed wire fences and short wave radio communication. The piece deals with the idea of listening to the landscape vertically: Sound traveling high up through the air, sound originating from man-made structures like power lines and fences that section the vast area and the sonic presence of the landscape itself, recorded on ground level.

Continuous Drift is a public sound installation at Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin curated by Sven Anderson.

Continuous Drift: Balance introduces a series of six new compositions by the following artists: Peter Cusack, Moritz Fehr, Marco Fusinato, Jennie Guy, Christina Kubisch and Hans Rosenström.

Installed in April 2017, these pieces explore the tension between action and stasis from corporeal, sonic, electronic, and ecological perspectives. 

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Continuous Drift at Meeting House Square, Dublin