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In Our Time
Video and sound installation

Commissioned by Gerard Byrne, 2017
Spatial Sound Composition (realized in Ambisonics Surround)

A 3D radio sound space for the video installation "In Our Time". The composed sound space combines an on-air radio broadcast and the sonic reality of its production in the studio. Presented at Skulpturprojekte Münster 2018, Kerlin Gallery Dublin, Lisson Gallery NYC a.o. (Photo credit: Gerard Byrne)
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Der Werkbundstreit / The Werkbund dispute

Single-channel Video

Commissioned by Museum der Dinge - Werkbundarchiv Berlin and China Design Museum, Hangzhou, 2018
On permanent view at Museum der Dinge, Berlin.



Duerme Mi Niña, or Mother Don't Make Me Cry
Spatial Sound Composition for a stereoscopic film
Collaboration with the Museum of Jurassic Technology, 2017

Shot at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the film explores Isabella Stewart Gardner’s loss of her young son Jack.
The sound composition was realized in Ambisonics. Presented at the Museum of Jurassic Technology Los Angeles and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Boston. (Photo credit: The Museum of Jurassic Technology)
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The Glass House by Bruno Taut
Stereoscopic Video Installation

Commissioned by Museum der Dinge / Werkbundarchiv Berlin, 2015
(Photo credit: Museum der Dinge / Werkbundarchiv Berlin)

Cast behind you the bones of your mother

Multi-channel sound for a sculptural installation
Collaboration with Clemens von Wedemeyer, 2015

A conversation of two 3D-printed sculptures reciting the Greek myth of Deucalion and Phyrra employing computer generated speech, accompanied by a futuristic sound space composition. Presented at KOW Gallery, Berlin
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The Humanzier
12-Channel-Multi-Room Surround-Sound Composition
Commissioned by Simon Fujiwara, 2016

The story of the historical Irish figure Roger Casement (1864-1916) is told in the style of a Hollywood movie trailer. The trailer-sound composition is divded and spatilized into four rooms that visitors could walk through to follow the narration. Presented at Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
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Aeroport Mille Plateaux
Four fictional video advertisements

Commissioned by Studio Elmgreen & Dragset, 2015
Presented at PLATEAU, Samsung Museum of Art Seoul (Photo credit: Studio Elmgreen & Dragset)



Aufs Maul geschaut
8-Channel sound sculpture

(6 wooden boards, 2 copper plates, tripods, sound pressure transducer, amplifiers, screens, audio-Interface)
Collaboration with StudioTheGreenEyl Berlin, 2015
Presented at Akademie der Künste Berlin, Grimm-Museum, Kassel, Heiliggeistkirche Heidelberg, Ljubljana Castle
(Photo credit: Studio TheGreenEyl)
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Jielemeguvvie guvvie sjisjnjeli - Film inside an image

Spatial Sound Composition
Commissioned by Gerard Byrne, 2015-2016

A 3D sound space for a single-channel film resembling the historic Diorama at the Biologiska Museet in Stockholm. The spatial sound, composed from ambisonic field recordings and archival sounds was presented on a circle of speakers to complete the circluar 360-degree impression of the Diorama. Presented at Monash University Museum of Art Melbourne, Mead Gallery Warwick, Moderna Museet Stockholm, a.o. (Photo credit: Gerard Byrne)
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Permanently installed 10-Channel Ultrasonic Sound Installation

Collaboration with StudioTheGreenEyl Berlin, 2015
Presented at Grimm-Museum, Kassel (Photo credit: Studio TheGreenEyl)
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Institute Above-Ground
Music & Sound, 5.1 Channels

Directed by Florian Zeyfang / Lisa Schmidt-Colinet / Alexander Schmoeger, 2015
Presented at Forum Expanded, Berlinale Film Festival 2015, a.o.
Best International Short at Arquiteturas film festival Lisboa 2015
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Great Salt Lake Landscan
Electroacoustic composition (stereo)
Commissioned by the Center for Land Use Interpretation, 2014

"Landscans are high-definition videos, shot from moving aircraft, looking at the ground, with limited camera movement or edits, and usually lasting at least several minutes in length. Places selected to be depicted in this manner are sites of national significance that are large in area or linear in form, presenting a challenge to conventional documentary processes." (Text: CLUI Website) Presented at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts a.o. (Photo credit: CLUI)
Video (scroll down to third video)



Über rauhem Grund / Rough Grounds
Film music and sound design, 2012

Directed by Youdid Kahveci, Production: dffb / arte
Screenings: Locarno Film Festival 2012, Hof, a.o.
FBW Filmbewertung "Prädikat besonders wertvoll"
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The Book of Wisdom and Lies
Spatial Sound Composition for a stereoscopic film (realized in Ambisonics Surround)
In collaboration with the Museum of Jurassic Technology, 2009

Set against the landscapes of timeless ruins and ancient folk harmonies of the Caucasus, this filmic presentation of the Museum of Jurassic Technology, The Book of Wisdom and Lies, illuminates the tales once told by the seventeenth century Georgian lexicographer and fabulist, Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani. The film’s chapters are collectively entitled The Book of Wisdom and Lies, or the Wisdom of Lies, referencing Orbeliani’s great anthology, composed for his pupil and nephew, Prince Vakhtang IV. Presented in 3-D, The Book of Wisdom and Lies weaves these threads of visual, acoustic and mythological culture into a portrait of Georgian life.

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